Automation Modules offers a flexible and inexpensive robot-system, which quickly can be rearranged and by doing so making it possible to automate small series. By automating the monotonous tasks, your employees get time for the more demanding tasks and gives you better utilization of your employees competencies.

With a robot-system from Automation Modules, you can achieve a high degree of utilization because the system can quickly be moved in a few minutes to a new machine and be position accurate with the help of our zero-point system.

This way the system is used where it is needed, and you only need one solution. 


Our robot-system is called Modular. The name originates from the intention behind the system. The Modular-series are modules which can be assembled, modified and expanded after need. It gives us the opportunity to offer you a fully customized robot-system to a standard price. 

Grid board

The grid board is equipped with holes, which makes it easy to load most types of raw materials. The pins are placed in the holes and secure the readjustment between series fast and easy. 

The grid board can be offered with our Palletizer RP software that reduces programming time. Palletizer RP makes it easy for you to program the robot for new tasks. When information about the item you want to grab is entered, the palletizer software gives you suggestions on how to set up the grid board. A few entries on the item you want to grab, press the start button and the robot is up and running.
Watch the video below

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Add modules

The threaded railing around the base module makes it easy to customize the placement of the robot pillar. The thread railing also makes it possible to add other modules like for example a grinder.


In cases where the demand for extra protection is needed, we have a scanning module that secures an area around the robot system against trespass of the work area. 

Grip equipment

Besides our standard program of grip equipment, we also offer custom-made solutions.

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Modular robot celle dansk

Product folder - DK

Modular robot cell english

Product folder - EN



Video fromHI Messe 2017

It is not often that we get to show to robots work together. Therefore it was an obvious opportunity to do it at a tradeshow. Then we could also enjoy a good cup of coffee. 

Older CNC machine

It makes sense to have a low-cost robot system with an older paid CNC machine. 

Acrylic plates with vacuum

Here is a solution where our robot system works with a milling machine with two significant vacuum levels. Notice the waste gets unloaded in the bin. 

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