Automation Modules and A.Neuendorf partnership to explore the Market in Germany

June 10, 2018

Adolf Neuendorf GmbH will be Automation Modules first reseller in Germany. Adolf Neuendorf already negotiates CNC machines and CAM software, so we see that we are a good match.

Automation Modules has delivered the firsts cobot systems beyond the danish borders

May 29, 2018

Automation Modules manufacture a flexible and cost-efficient robot-system, which makes it possible for companies, by their own, to automate their production, even with small batch sizes.


Through the new dealer in Berlin, Automation Modules has managed to install its first robot-system at a customer outside of Berlin. The customer is working with milling machines and have specialized with water-cutting.


Like ways is there install a robot-system at the new Automation Modules dealer, which sells CNC machines and cutting-tools. The product named Modular is set up in the showroom, where it works together with a CMZ CNC lathe.


John Nielsen from Automation Modules says that he thrilled, that Automation Modules has entered the German market. The first dealer agreement can open big opportunities for the future of Automation Modules.


The German customers was very enthusiastic over the product flexibility in their production. A flexibility, which was the decisive factor for the purchase of the robot-system. The ultra-short implementation-time was also a factor for the choice of Automation Modules’ product Modular.


The product Modular makes it possible for companies to easy and cost-efficient automate their production. The robot-system is moveable and can be ready to run at another machine in just 5 minutes. This way companies can raise their efficiency, and still maintain flexibility in smaller batch sizes.

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